Forever Home

Rescue charity centre for cats in Mallorca


With Love And Care...

People have often asked me how do I remember all the cats names and how can I love each one of them.
The answer is, because I was there. 
I saw first hand the circumstances in which they were living. Sometimes the danger they were in, the terrible illnesses they had, the loneliness, the hunger and the struggles they encountered before I caught them.
Their experiences became a part of me.
And now I am here with them. I see the difference a home has made to each cat, how their individual characters have unfolded, how they have recovered from illnesses, and have thrived and blossomed into very happy, peaceful cats. I am blessed every day to be a part of their “before and after”.
How they love attention, play, warmth, safety, love, friendships.
And for their love I am truly blessed.

Lisa – Sanctuary Founder

Our Story

The Forever Home Cat Sanctuary began as a result of me helping homeless street cats. Catching them to be spayed and neutered.
The idea was to implement the CNR system, catch, neuter, return.

However having come into contact with over a thousand cats, I soon realised that is was not always appropriate to implement this system.
I encountered many cats that were disabled, very sick, old, very young, abandoned, living in dangerous areas or that had no availability to food or water.

I started to care for a small number of cats which over the years grew into a very large group. A safe enclosed area was created for them to live where the disabled could live comfortably, the elderly could retire and live peacefully, where the abandoned could once again have a home. Where warmth, shelter and veterinary care could be available to them all.

They have access to the house and garden and are free to choose where to spend their days. In winter it is mostly in a basket inside in front of the fire place and in summer lazing under a tree.

Every cat living here is vaccinated , tested for Feline Aids and leukaemia and regularly treated for parasites. Specialised veterinary food is provided when necessary. Operations, X-rays, ultra sounds, blood analysis, dental care and any veterinary needs are provided for them.

In order to maintain a high level of health, comfort and care to each individual cat the cost of doing so is expensive and any donations towards their wellbeing would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you from all of us.

“I have collaborated with Lisa for many years and  have been able to see firsthand her dedication to improving cat welfare by spaying and neutering cat colonies in order to better the lives of street cats. It is plain to see that it is an important cause very dear to her heart.”

Joana Mesquida Bover, Consultori veterinari Amic Meu