Our Cats

Peaches and Petals were abandoned. Their owners moved home and left them in the street.

Barney had been shot with pellets, one of them shattering his shoulder.

Lucas and Bugsey’s mom was a kitten herself and wasn’t able to care for them.

Bella and Sheeba were survivors of a mass poisoning of a large group of cats.

Summer had chronic phenomena. As an adult she weighed 1.7 kilograms. She made a full recovery.

Milly was living at the rubbish bins. She is very old and almost totally blind. Not being spayed she would have had litters for most of her life.

Babos is now 4 years old. She is lame, though can walk short distances with aid.

Mo was living on a patio with several other kittens. His eyes were swollen shut and he had chronic phenomena and terrible lung worm.

Jez came from the same patio and had a ‘dead leg’. It was amputated and lived happily, regularly climbing trees.

Sasha was born with glycomo. In spite of her deteriorating eyesight she loves to play ball.

Chester and Tiger Lilly were born without eyelids. They both had operations to minimize infection and improve their vision.

Dandi had cancer on both ears, which had to be removed. She’s lived a healthy life for many years.

Morris lost one of his paws. He is positive for leukaemia and has lived a healthy life for many years.

Totty lost half of her leg. Due to its form she may have got it trapped and pulled it off.

Honey Boo was deaf and positive for leukaemia. She lived a healthy life for many years. She sadly passed away a few months ago.

Deacon had granuloma complex, a condition where the tissue grows outside of the body. He had laser surgery and made a full recovery.

Stella had been bitten by a dog. She also had a raptured diaphragm. After life saving surgery she is now a strong and healthy cat.

Siamesey was living at the rubbish bins. He is positive for Feline Aids and has lived a healthy life for many years.

Chelsea was found by our neighbours. She was giving birth with terrible complications and was covered in maggots.

“I have known Lisa since I arrived in Mallorca many years ago. She has always been a caring and loving owner. And for a long time she has dedicated her life to helping and saving many of the poor street cats in Mallorca.
During this time she has accumulated many waifs and strays and given them a secure and loving home.
Here they live together, well cared for and pampered.
This all requires lots of time and money. Lisa gives her time for free but there are many expenses which need to be covered and with a growing colony any help is gladly accepted.”

Nick Murgatroyd, Clinica Veterinaria Bendinat